The Zika Virus is contracted from the Zika Mosquito.  Unlike other mosquitoes the Zika bite mainly during the day.  This virus is spread through Zika mosquito bites and through sexual contact with an infected person. Though a mild virus when contracted, it can have devastating results to a pregnant woman and cause brain damage to an unborn child.  There is no vaccine or cure but steps can be taken to prevent bites just as with other mosquitoes.

  • Wear repellent with DEET (but not under clothing).  Follow label instructions
  • If possible wear long sleeves and long pants
  • Stay in air conditioning (these pests do not like the cold)
  • Read labels carefully when applying repellent to a child.  If unsure ask physician.
  • EMPTY ALL containers of standing water!  This breeds more mosquitoes


More information is available on the website

Thank you for your attention.