In case you missed it, Mayor Sylvester Turner has a new pothole initiative:

As I stated in my inaugural address, infrastructure will be a high priority for my administration.  I have heard Houstonians loud and clear; they want improved city roadways and faster repairs.

Starting in mid-January, potholes that are properly reported to the City’s 3-1-1 Help and Information System will be assessed and addressed by the next business day. Our goal is to effectively, efficiently and safely repair each reported pothole within a 24-hour period.

War room meetings have been initiated to ensure we have a streamlined program from the moment the pothole is reported to 311 to the time it is fixed.

And it’s working!!! (So far):

In the week since that announcement, pothole reports to 311 have skyrocketed from a daily average of 22 to more than 100 a day.  96 percent of those that are actual potholes are being assessed and repaired by the next business day.

Between January 4, 2016, and midnight on January 11, 2016, a total of 550 pothole service requests were received by 311.  Of these requests, 316 were potholes and were repaired by the next business day.  The rest were not potholes, were duplicate requests, posed no safety hazard or were the responsibility of the Texas Department of Transportation or another agency.  During the same time period, the City proactively assessed and repaired 1,246 additional potholes.

As you’re driving along, keep an eye out for potholes in the area… and *report them*.  The city has made it easy to do!  You can call the City’s 311 Help and Information line, go to the new website, or download the new 311 app from iTunes or Google!