Sometime between the night of 11-Jul-2019 and the morning of 12-Jul-2019, vehicles in the Phase I 600 and 700 buildings had their windows smashed. Sometime during the night of 14-Jul-2019, another vehicle was vandalized in the Phase II 1900 building.

The residents reported the vandalism to the Houston Police Dept & to Creative Management.

Reminder: Please do NOT leave anything in your vehicles which might encourage vandalism.

If you see anything suspicious, please notify the Houston Police Dept at 713-884-3131. For your own safety, please do not approach suspicious individuals yourself.

If your property is vandalized, please notify the Houston Police Dept at 713-884-3131 & Creative Management at 713-772-4420.


The Board is holding a meeting to discuss recent vandalism activity on Wednesday, July 17, 2019, in the Phase I Clubhouse at 5:30 PM.